Friday, December 16, 2011

all "dressed" up...

with no place to go
(on a chilly mid december morn)

redefining "fancy free"
(and learning quickly that it's ALL about accessorizing!)
being 2.
going on 10.
these are a few of her favorite things:
*her Nemo spoon
*Mickey and Minnie
*books, books and more books.
* "nice, warm milk"
*cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner
*her kitty
*singing "Jesus loves me" and saying "God bless daddy" prayers before each nap and bedtime
*Super Why and Caillou
*Justin Beiber's "Baby, Baby"
*eating at "At Donalds"
*cheddar bunny pretzels and fruit snacks
*confiscating my phone at any given time
*mac n cheese
*Polar Bear, Polar Bear
* "Around the House..."
* penny pony rides at Meijer
*her binky
*Thumper ("Bumper")
* "Chocolate!!!"
*dental floss
*her "owl pj's"

from a 2 year old's bird's eye view, life is good.
and from a few feet up,
i have to agree.

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  1. oh sweet mercy, that little bumm is just the sweetest thing. LOVE.