Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elf Mischief: Scene 1

Earlier this week the kids woke up to great disappointment when they realized that Buddy, our Elf, had not moved overnight. (This is very much like the Tooth Fairy forgetting to come. Anticipation at night. Excitement in the morn. Disappointment when not delivered as expected.) Ouch and oops! The kids get so excited to "find" Buddy in a new location each day. He's been a family tradition since 2008, but this year, thanks to brilliant creative minds on Pinterest, Buddy has been getting into great mischief and the kids are loving it (i think mom and dad are too ;) Trying to think quickly on my feet to counter the disappointment brought on by an idle elf, Mommy suggested that perhaps Buddy was just feeling a little bit under the weather...? The kids bought it and Brayden even suggested that we leave out some cough medicine for Buddy that night. So we did...a little medicine cup and a straw must've done the trick, because the next morning, the kids woke up to Monopoly Mayhem!
Buddy was thick into a game of Monopoly with Barbie, Pikachu and Brontosaurus.
And, he even left us a note. We were right, he had been a little under the weather. The medicine was all he needed to feel better and get himself into mischief.
Brayden got a kick out of the fact that Buddy had Boardwalk...
Looks as if Barbie here thinks it's all about the "Benjamins" baby!
I dare to tell her she needs to work on modesty and proper "game-sitting" etiquette.
Yikes Barbie! As Brooke would say, "she's not very ladylike."
Pikachu sat content with a smirk and a "get out of jail free" card...
Hmmm...wonder what he has up his sleeve?
and Brontosaurus the Real Estate Mogul, with head held high,
looked as if he was staking out his next property move...
(I see two hotels down by his feet waiting for strategic placement).
This could get dangerous! times. I must admit this is the best I've felt in a few weeks. I woke up this morning with more energy than I have had in a long time. Coming down with a case of shingles was not my idea of December fun. Don't know much about their incubation period, but I am willing to bet that even while brewing inside of me, they had a lot to do with me feeling so all together lousy. I feel like I've missed out and I am determined to let that Christmas clock tick slowly. Christmas shopping complete. Decorations shall be finished this weekend. And with each passing moment I'm letting my heart prepare Him room.
Afterall, The Christ has come; let's celebrate!


  1. First, I love your Christmas picture! So, so cute! Love the buddy the elf tradition, it must really add to the anticipation of Christmas for your family! Glad you are feeling better, I've heard shingles are very painful. It's actually the dormant virus that causes chicken pox in children. Once you've had chicken pox, the inactive virus hides in your nerves and can flare up later in life when your immune system is suppressed for some reason. Rest, eat, and take care of yourself!

  2. Your elf is a busy fella! Love it!

    Had the shingles ... not fun. SO sorry friend!