Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fishing for gold...(and other jolly stuff)

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But a miniature elf fishing for gold(fish) this morning right from our very own bathroom!

We could hardly contain the hilarity this morning,
with hushed giggles we found Buddy fishing with a candycane from our toilet! This is one "fresh catch" I have no interest in tasting!

Brayden was the first one up and was determined to document this scene via DSI camera.

Brooke, grumpy and bedhead, took part in this action too.
So thankful for wonderfully fun creative ELF ideas found on Pinterest.
I'm pretty sure parents out there (including us)
are having more fun with this than our kids are :)

And since we are in the spirit, let's move on to some other random jolly things...
Monday I picked the kids up from school and drove them over to Somerset to see Santa. I like going there because they let you take your own picture (for $5.00) After visiting Santa, the kids are each given a silk pouch and can pick out 3 coins from a treasure trunk to later redeem at various stores in the mall for trinkets or candy (that's where the $5.00 fee comes in). It's worth it. Plus, parents can put in a word or jot a quick note to Santa before the kids see him. In our case, I asked if Santa would mention our elf Buddy. The kids were surprised that Santa knew his name and asked about him.
[On a side note, I must say I was quite surprised at all of the primping and perfecting that many parents put into seeing Santa. Keeping hair in place and clothes free of wrinkle and crumb looked exhausting and not very jolly for the kids or the parents! My kids came tattered after a long day of school. No worries, no fixing, just plain 8, 6 and 2 as they are.
(please excuse the holey knee in brayden's pants. daddy dressed him and apparently, one of the 12 pairs of jeans with holes in the right knee that we keep as play pants in brayden's bottom drawer, found their way to his "acceptable pants wearing" drawer and then onto his body this early morning before school. And I like a little tatter and tear in some of my clothes, but this was epic crater sized hole. We did not fit in at Somerset..and frankly, I didn't care. I kept my sweaty gym clothes on from the morning and poneytailed hair, and we had so much fun! :)]

Berlyn on the otherhand, did not want to actually "sit" on Santa's lap. She was fine as soon as I took the photo and scooped her up. Then she told Santa that she wanted "Mickey and Minnie!" (but didn't understand why they weren't gifted right then and there) Brookie told Santa she wanted an iPod touch (surprise, surprise! she's only been talking about it for 6 months now). And Brayden told Santa he wanted the "Wii Monopoly game" (the first time he has even mentioned this as a gift idea? hmmm. Love it when they do that!) I'm not even sure if we took the kids to see Santa last year. I don't think we did, and it's not usually high on my priority list, but this year I have 3 little ones who all believe! I'm not sure how much longer I can say that. I wanted to take advantage...the innocence and excitement. I've been pondering of heart many moments this season.

So, why not take a trip down memory lane. This oughtta make Berlyn feel a little better.Brayden was definitely not a happy camper here.

(Yes, I am the mean mom that makes her kids sit on Santa's lap)

And the following year, when Brooke joined our family, he still wasn't very happy.
Brooke could've cared less. She's always had that "easy-going-go-with-the-flow" disposition.
Enough though about Santa.
While it is fun and exciting to give and receive gifts and to have fun with "Santa" and elves and all things jolly, the beauty and joy of the season begins in the heart.
In preparing Him room.
A place of residence
to stay and abide.
Joyful. Jolly. and
Loving me some Jesus today.


  1. We have waited to the last weekend before Christmas to go see Santa ... and I am not looking forward to it. I like that $5 deal though. Sounds fun to redeem the coins throughout the mall!!!