Monday, January 23, 2012

Paper kisses...

I almost didn't write this post because I know Brooke would be horrified if she found out...
But this just tickled me like no other; it's worth sharing.
So, a couple of days ago we went to Target to replace a broken toy that Brayden had received for Christmas. We let Brooke pick out something small and she chose this 2 pack of Justin Bieber folders for $2.00.
Yesterday, late afternoon, I was in her bedroom putting away clean clothes when something caught my eye...It was fairly dark in her room, but I caught a glimpse of a reflection on one of her new folders that was sitting on her bed.
As I looked closer, I noticed that there were lip marks on the surface of each folder, right where Justin Bieber's mouth was...Yep, she was kissing Justin!
This sorta concerned me, but moreso cracked me up. 6 years old and kissing the paper face of Justin Bieber. I don't ever remember doing this as a little girl, although I do remember making my Ken and Barbie kiss. She is growing up too fast. Still wanting to keep the "little" in my girl. But glimpses like this just remind me of the unique wiring God has gifted in the heart of a love and be loved, to be pursued and treasured,
for prince charming to come dashing in on a white horse and lead her to her very own
"happily ever after."
And even at this tender age, to be found captivating.
My prayer for her is that she will always seek and find the answer of her heart's desires in Jesus.
But, until then, first and foremost let her find this in her Daddy,
(and perhaps in the occasional paper kisses of a PopStar).
We have ourselves a dreamer.

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  1. That is the cutest most vivid story! I totally remember kissing Shaun Cassidy posters, and a few Tom Selleck as well! My goodness, I am going to go to bed with a smile tonight. Thanks for sharing. And she has a great daddy to show her this. She paper kissed because she sees you kiss. It's natural and pure and sweet. Good job mom and dad!