Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance 2012

This past Friday Brooke had a date with her Daddy.
They were to meet up with friends for an Italian dinner and then attend the Daddy Daughter Dance together.
Earlier this week Darcy lost his former boss/#1 mentor (next to his father), and good friend unexpectedly to a heart attack. Darcy and I attended the viewing together. We waited in line for almost an hour and a half at the funeral home to see the family and pay our respects (and this was even after cutting in line with Darcy's former secretary). We were there a long time with more than 500 other people who in some way or form were greatly impacted and gifted by the life of this man. Needless to say, by the time we got home, Brooke and Daddy were supposed to have met up with friends for dinner "5 minutes ago." We raced to get her ready...
and here she is, making her grand (and shy) entrance down the staircase to meet her date.

She personifies "Daddy's girl."
While they didn't make it to dinner with friends, they enjoyed a quick dinner alone at the local Coney Island. No matter to her, as long as she was in company with her Daddy.
And off to the dance they went...
She arrived home barefoot and sleeping in Daddy's arms and suitcoat.
The next morning I got to hear all of the details...macaroni and cheese dinner with a splurge of cheese fries, fun with friends all dressed up, and when asked about her favorite part of the night, it didn't take her but a second to respond, "Dancing with my Daddy!"
I'm glad she relished in this time alone with her Dad, because next year, she's most likely going to be sharing the spotlight with a boisterous, clamoring for attention, little sister...
but even then, she'll still be her "Daddy's girl."


  1. Precious .... just stinkin precious!

  2. What a pretty little lady!!! Adorable pictures!!!

  3. This is so important in her sweet life! What a great daddy, to put aside his own grief and pain to celebrate his daughter!