Friday, February 10, 2012

moments to carry me through...

this week was one that was marked with emotion, and many sweet moments that have carried me through, like...

taking a bubble bath in the middle of the day with my yummy two year old.

the excitement on my 1st grader's face as she ran off the school bus to me with another toothless grin after losing her 8th tooth in the lunchroom cafeteria.

watching my 8 year old gently wrestle with his baby sister and lovingly agree to return her many eskimo kisses.

taking a moment after a long day's work to climb into bed (by invitation) with my son to talk about his day, snuggle, and pray together.

walking into my baby's bedroom at 11:00 at night to find her daddy holding and rocking her while deep in slumber because he's yet to see her awake all week and longs for precious time with her.

friends who ask questions. and listen.

beginning a new Bible study with so many extraordinary women who chase hard after the heart of God.

late night nachos on the couch with my best friend. fresh and hot out of the oven.

and yet to come...

a weekend with my sister and her beautiful family celebrating the birthdays of two of my favorite little people in this big world.

small and precious moments that whisper comfort, love, and purpose.
ones that make me feel known and cared for
and needed.
they do not go unnoticed,
but pile high treasure
on this complicated, tender, and ever-being-refined heart of mine.


  1. so glad you are chosing to embrace the gift of the moment, and focus on the beautiful gifts that indeed...carry us through. life seems less overwhelming a moment at a time. and really, it is child-like faith that trusts the big picture to her father, and enjoys his moment by moment presence and provision in the waiting. I've found my heart in this place this week as well. it reminds me of a song aron wrote...
    "you sustain me in the waiting,
    with pleasures from your hand.
    through these seasons, I am changing
    as I learn to trust your plan."
    I have sang it in prayer through broken voice and tears many times.
    you are loved. you are known. and I have grown to truly trust and admire that complicated, tender heart of yours over the last four years. and i find its vulnerability and authenticity refreshing and quite beautiful.
    i pray you find your spirits refreshed and your heart full after a weekend away.


    oh...and the imagery of Darc sneaking into Berlyn's room for a late night snuggle brought a big old lump into this throat of mine. hoping his heart was filled too this weekend (I'm assuming he went with you?)

  2. You are a true gift, and I adore your heart! thanks for sharing it so authentically here. My heart is happy that God has begun to build a beautiful bridge between us. He is good!