Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random thoughts out of the mouth of babes...

Brayden (out of nowhere, at dinner tonight), "Mom, I like your hair better when you wear it down." (note: today, my hair was worn up)

Brooke (this evening, with anxious hesitation), "Mommy, will I still live with Daddy when I grow up?" Me: "Brookie, you can live with Daddy for as long as you'd like!" Although she didn't answer with words, a big smile was painted across her face in relief.

On a more serious note, the older two have been home with me all week on break. Along with their presence, there has been an increased amount of inappropriate words coming out of their mouths that I don't particularly want their two year old sister repeating (stupid, jerk, diarrhea, etc.) While not always aimed at each other, I still don't want them repeated. I decided that my "warnings" were getting nowhere with stopping this, so I gave them an option of three possible disciplines if this is to reoccur. I repeated these three disciplines and firmly asked them, "You choose. What do you want?!" Little Berlyn innocently chimes in, "I want nice warm milk!" (as if that were one of their options). We all burst out laughing and not another "potty" word was said all night.

And while cleaning up dinner tonight, Brayden started talking about how he wants a new Wii game for Easter. In my head I am thinking, "since when do you get presents at Easter time, and how did this turn into something that's all about you?" So, I asked them, "Why do we even celebrate Easter?" And Brooke confidently answered, "Because it's Moses' birthday."

Wow! Today reminded me that my job here on earth as their mommy is far from being done. Between the messes of broken glass bowls, water spilled vases, frosting all over winter coats, and the conversations today that ensued in between, there is still much at stake and much more to clean up in regards to home and heart. I can't help but wonder what tomorrow holds?

Oh yes LORD, give me wisdom!

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