Friday, March 23, 2012

A journey of His faithfulness

I feel a little silly re-posting this vimeo, but I made a change to it that has much greater meaning to me- the song. While Brayden was in the hospital I listened to the "Hidden in My Heart" CD often...on the way to and home from the hospital, during a late night stress-relieving bath at my sister's house, and over and over again in the afterdays of this journey. It's a beautiful CD I've given often as a baby shower gift. It's also my "go to" CD when I need peace and to de-stress. I debated between two particular songs to use for the vimeo I put together. The one I am posting now, was my original choice... I'm not sure why I defaulted from it, I think it may have been a vimeo "timing" issue initially. Anyway, this morning I was listening to this CD again while getting ready for my day and this "I will never leave you" song played, and I knew that this was the intended song that needed to be attached to this vimeo of God's faithfulness. This is the song that I played over and over again after passing by that intersection on the way home and found that the rock was no longer there, filling me with the realization that God was with us, went with us, and goes before us...always. That He will be right where we are. This is the song that I hit replay on day after day once we came home from the hospital...that helped me process and untangle and wonder at all that had taken place. This is the song that best captures our journey, pulls at my heartstrings, resonates and best attaches itself to this experience. So, for my own personal reasons and satisfaction, I repost this new edition.

a journey of His faithfulness:


  1. I was sure I had commented on here. HMMMMMMM ...

    He is so beautiful, our God. So faithful. You are so honest and real and trusting, my friend. He HAS carried your family every step. The beautiful words Darcy posted on Facebook were that of a stunningly transparent man of God. And one who is raising up ANOTHER man of God in this journey of life. And they were just what I had prayed he would be experiencing. I am so thankful that Bray is healed and - AND - and that you have answers. He heard even THAT cry and answered so beautifully. Praise Him.

    I love you my friend! So much!

  2. Don't feel silly! That song was beautiful with the video. I hung in there all the way until the end... until the verse came up. Cried like a baby.
    Whew. What a journey that was for you all. And what an Awesome God we have. I am so glad that you and Darcy have created a marriage built on Him instead of shaky ground found in the world. That way when the storms come you are ready and able to stand! PTL!