Sunday, March 25, 2012

what is normal, anyway?

The past couple of days have been ones marked with normalcy. Our routine is beginning to fall back into place, and we are gaining some ground on the homefront in terms of cleaning and piles. For no other reason but complete embarrassment I chose not to take a picture of our bedroom because there are probably close to 7 loads of unfolded laundry on the floor right now, and there is nothing normal about that!
But really, what is normal anyway?
We have a 2 and a half year old in our midst who wants nothing more than to be outside to blow bubbles! I can't count how many times I catch her putting on a different pair of shoes (never her own!) to go outside for a little bubble blowing fun. Earlier this week, she was sportin' her sister's soccer cleats.

And Oh Mercy! Yesterday, I got her undressed to get ready to give her a bath and before I took her up, I went out into the garage to grab something out of my car. In that short period of time, little miss put on my shoes and darted outside.
This is what I shockingly beheld:
(no worries, for your viewing eyes I covered her in fig leaf)

Yep, that's my girl prancing around outside in the middle of the day
buck naked in mommy's high heels!

Another thing she loves to do is climb into mommy's bed and lay there under the covers. She does it at least 2-3 times a day. Here is our clean yummy after her bath, giving me many of her "yummy" faces.
And yesterday, she climbed back into my bed to take kitty's temperature.
Looks like he may have to go to the "hospital,"
(a word this 2 year old uses regularly these days)
But, any sick kitty feels instantly better after a little yummy love.
Hmmm...speaking of love...
This was not one of our lovelier moments this week.
Seems this little one earned herself a little timeout here.
After drawing with marker all over the back of her brother's pillow case.
Timeout's over...
back to the bubbles!
This time...I'm rockin' brother's kicks.
And yet, another shoe change this day...
mommy's flip flops
(AKA: "fif-fox")
And today after church,
she chooses Brookie's sketchers.
And then big sister's zebra wedge flip flops.
All of this shoe changing has become our new normal around here.
And a little bit of old normal can be found below.
Flowers picked by my little boy for his mama.
I'm not certain they all came from our yard, yet I can't bring myself to tell him not to pick. It melts my heart each time he does...And the look on his face each time as he holds my bouquet behind his back in surprise and has a huge smile painted across his face is priceless.
I take a picture of these moments with my heart, and i've got quite a rolodex of them hidden in there.
This boy's a giver and a romantic.

My three musketeers cuddling on the couch together before bedtime each night.
Some may call normalcy mundane.
But after the past few weeks we've just had,
normal is nothing short of

I've posted this quote before, but it brings new meaning now and is a great reminder for all:

"normal day.
let me be aware of the treasure that you are."
~mary jean irion

you indeed are a treasure.


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  2. LOVE!!!!! And Yummy is even YUMMIER now!

  3. Paaahhhaaa, the 'covered her in fig leaf'made me laugh out loud! And the buck pics are priceless. Happy Normal Day to you, my dear!