Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Homeschooling: Day 2 (ha)

Well, today's view was not as pleasant as I would have hoped. Feels a bit like I am living in chaos, and I am desperately trying not to be consumed by feelings of overwhelmingness.

This morning I felt like a short order cook. The kids were bottomless pits. We attempted to make mini cinnamon doughnuts, got out all of the ingredients and began mixing when I realized we had no baking soda. Really? I guess it wasn't a bad thing, since the buttermilk was a bit
"if-y" anyways and we were completely out of milk, (skim, vitamin D and coconut). A trip to the grocery store was on today's "to-do" list.

Come 11:00am I was on breakfast (round 12) with kids already beginning to ask about lunch.

We finally made our way upstairs to start school and not even 5 minutes into it, Brooke is sitting in her chair with tears because she misses her teacher and her class.

This is so hard.

I knew at some point the "novelty" of homeschooling would wear off and the kids would miss their old school, but I was not prepared for this on day 2.

I wish I could fast forward time here. I want our curriculum in hand, a routine established, and a tinge of normalcy.

5 minutes later both the kids found their way into timeouts for bickering and hitting each other. Seriously?

School still had not begun.

And they were asking again about lunch.

Once we began school at 11:30am!!!, things began to go fairly smoothly (besides the fact that most of the supplies I needed to teach with turned up missing, courtesy of my 2 year old).

Did I mention she makes it very difficult to stay on task, and adds to the chaos?

Come 12:30pm, I was still in my pajamas, had not showered, and had yet to put on something as simple as a bra.

I finally did manage to get myself into the shower, and not even 10 minutes later, Berlyn shows up in my bathroom, peeks her head around the shower curtain revealing a face with something red all over it. I asked her what was on her forehead and she said, "nail polish." I then asked her where she painted her nails and she said, "on the carpet downstairs."


So, I look down and see an atrocious freshly painted set of toe nails...nail polish smeared all over her fingers, face, hair, feet, and pajama bottoms. I don't normally leave nail polish around the house, but Brooke happened to get some "color changing" nail polish in her Easter basket this year. Berlyn found it and made herself useful during my 10 minute shower. To my amazement, she managed to get nail polish all over herself, and the carpet remained safe.( I think.)

After my shower, I made lunch and let all the kids know they were eating the same thing and we were not doing a breakfast repeat. Lunch went smoothly, minus Berlyn yanking a kitchen drawer out in front of where I was standing...hitting me right in the leg, in that tender spot right below my knee cap, making me limp and slightly cringe each time I've gone up and down the stairs since.

Did I mention that I think she has an ear infection too? And that during my shower she had also gotten into a box of Frosted Flakes and spilled them all over the carpet?

Don't even get me started on the rude water guy that showed up ringing our doorbell right at naptime. And to think we are paying him for this service? Wow, he made it feel as if I had completely inconvenienced him. I didn't schedule him to come today. But perhaps, he has issues going on at home too that he is dealing with. Grace. We all need more of it.

I had many "not so pretty" moments today...more than I had hoped. And even more moments where the thought ran through my mind, "What have I gotten myself into? I am not so sure I am cut out for this." This is all so very overwhelming.

And, we never made it to the grocery store.

There were no lush green grass hills that we rolled down today...It was no picnic in the park. But, I am also not all that disappointed or surprised. I know the road ahead is a long one. I know we are going to have good days and bad days along the way. When I think of the big picture, and all that still needs to be done, and all that still needs to be faced, fear and doubt sweeps in and threatens to overtake me. I am fighting against it.

So, I am setting my mind (and resetting my mind, and resetting it once again...and again...and again) on taking things one day and one task at a time.

With the hope and desire to keep rolling and rising.


  1. Congratulations on beginning your homeschooling journey! Don'y be too hard on yourself. It really takes a while for kids to decompress after being in school. I would consider a very light load for the rest of the year, taking the summer off, and starting slow in the fall. Let everyone get used to being home, and to new routines. Your day may not be strictly structured but it will have a natural flow. Hang in there and give it some time, it gets better!

  2. Oh Amanda! We are much more familiar with your description of homeschooling today than yesterday. Its o.k. learning does happen. It doesn't look perfect but it works, at your pace, at Brayden, Brooke & Berlyn's pace. It happens. It's going to be o.k.

  3. Sorry about the day. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I ever get a shower in before 5pm on the days when I'm home with my kids. And if I do manage to sneak a shower in, both kids are in the bathroom with me, either fighting with each other or crying for me to get out.