Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it's been a while since i've written, 
and although i don't have much time today,
i wanted to share a piece of our new "normal" with you on this fine wednesday afternoon.

it's taken me by surprise how smoothly homeschooling and the adjustment to our revised life/routine has gone.  god has graciously rained down little blessings on us daily in this new adventure.  there is an underlying peace and joy that permeates the air 
within our very walls and hearts.
it's beautiful.

this morning, i heard it through giggles that came from high
atop a cloud of kiddos and furry friends 
(on brayden's top bunk).  
this made me smile.
i've been enjoying them a lot.
(and enjoying them enjoying each other.)

we've gotten into the routine of starting school each day 
with a little time of devotion, prayer & praise. 
faith in action.
giving him the "firstfruits" of our day
and our lives.
 this had been compromised in the past,
 as the ticking clock often crowded out the things in our life that really mattered.
 kingdom work. 
 eternal investments.
i don't think we've ever been happier.
all of us.
this is really good for our family.
i know it's gonna work.
grateful today for the fruit that is bearing.
and for the giver of it.


  1. Good to hear! Those photos are adorable!

  2. God is good. Little did you know how smooth the transition would be when you felt that you were forced into making the decision! I'm happy you're cruising right along! You're fabulous at it too! :) Love you GG.

  3. When is Yummy playing for Sunday morning! She looks too cute with her guitar! Glad things are going better than expected.