Friday, April 27, 2012

Impromptu Field Trip

The kids and I took an impromptu field trip to Wolcott Farm yesterday.  With Spring in the air, it was a good time to witness new life on the farm.  As soon as we opened our car doors, the fresh scent of farm and manure was breathed in deeply.
 I thought it wise not to bring Berlyn's stroller, since she always begs to "walk"any time we go anywhere.  Big mistake.  She was petrified of the animals (even when behind cage and fence), and I had to carry that extra 36lbs. on my hip the entire time.
"How now brown cow?"
 We arrived just in time to enter the milk parlor and watch a cow being milked...
Although i did forgot to snap a photo.
(with a Moo Moo here and a Moo Moo there)
 The kids loved all the young animal babies.
calves and heifers...
 piglets and little piggies...
(this one went to the market, and this one went home)

 baby lambs...
they were so cute. soft and furry like little puppies.
(have you any wool?)
 this one below was quite vocal,
(at one point, berlyn yelled, "Tell it to stop!")
 milk time.

 Take a look at what happened when I put Berlyn down.
Even though every animal outside was behind a fence, she still freaked out.  In the next picture below she is actually pointing at a lamb or a cow saying, "That one is trying to get me!" 

 Brooke was so excited to pet the bunny
(and this was one funky looking rabbit).
 My little worker bees.
 I had to get a photo of this after Brayden said,
"Look Mom, it's Shrek's bathroom!"
 We even found a stray farm cat in the milk parlor.

 When I was taking a picture of the cow above, with Berlyn still heavily upon my hip,
she kept calling out to it, "Smile, hun."
(this cow also peed a gallon right in front of us and the kids got a kick out of this.)
 The picture below is fuzzy and not really good, but Brooke cracked me up when she realized that an egg like "that" can actually turn into a baby chick.  She wanted to go to the store right away and buy a carton of eggs so she could "grow a chick." ;)
 And Bray made me laugh when he saw this cattle skull in a display case.  
He yelled, "Mom, look! Dinosaur bones!"

 We had to wait patiently for an employee to come to let us hold the baby chicks.
They were about 2 weeks old.  Sweet furry little life.
(Peep! Peep!)
This was Brooke's favorite part of the trip.

On the way home. we stopped at the orchard for a donut. 
 Here are a couple of souvenirs we found along the way.
In the farm's general store they sold these wool twigs.
 They were made with 100% Shetland yarn.
I thought they'd look pretty in our classroom.
A little memento from our first ever homeschooling field trip together.
 And of course we had to take home some fresh farm ice cream.
Overall, we had a good day!

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  1. What a fun day! I am sure a blessing of being on 'your own time'. I love Wolcott, such a nice facility so near. Can't wait to see where the next field trip is