Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Mood Changing"

My mood immediately changed today after breakfast.
Brayden started not to feel well...
When he told Darcy and I,
the look of dread filled our faces.
Then he threw up...all of his breakfast.
We were worried this was the start of another episode.
I put him in our bed, in our dark bedroom, put the fan on to drown out noise, and encouraged him to sleep. (As I've said before, they say CVS is part of the migraine family and that sleep is the best way to recover and reset the brain.)
Then Brooke and I hit our knees in prayer, and I sent out a prayer request text to some of my prayer warrior friends to do the same.
I was a ball of nerves all morning...
Storming through the house checking on Brayden every 5 minutes and trying to clean bedrooms in case this was the onset of another attack that would lead us into the hospital for another 10 days. I don't think our house could handle the abandonment.

2 hours later Brayden awoke feeling fine.
Here we are 4 hours later and he is still doing well.
Thank You Lord!!!
That was an instant mood lifter.

Now, let me backtrack to yesterday...
Remember my story about Miss Thing getting into nail polish and Frosted Flakes while I showered?
Well, lo and behold she has done it again!
This child amazes me.
You think she would have learned after getting in trouble yesterday,
you think I would have learned!
Let me start by saying that Brooke got TWO bottles of "color changing" nail polish for Easter this year. One bottle was redish-pink, the other was blue.
I was on the phone taking an important call when Berlyn decided to do a repeat from yesterday.
And when I noticed the damage, I could not believe it.

This nail polish should be called "MOOD changing" nail polish,
because it colored me mad!!!
This girl spilled nail polish all over my hardwood floors, my rug, and our blinds! And, I found evidences of her mess yesterday too! While my carpet escaped damage, she got red nail polish all over the wood floors and the floor mirror in the front room of our house, where she "snuck" in to paint her nails.
And yes, it was all over herself too...
including her mouth,
which makes me wonder if she was taste-testing it.
Do not be fooled by this face.
And do not feel bad for her.
She was in big trouble!

But, I must admit, my mood was lifted even more during that very important phone call when she was busy being naughty.
It was a call from our insurance company,
giving me the fantastic news that they accepted our appeal letter and they WILL cover the specialist in Wisconsin that Brayden needs to see.

Today started out frightening,
and I was worried it was going to be a really bad day.
But two great and mighty answers to prayer came through in our favor,
turning this into a very joyful day.

Today was another reminder to me that our plans are really not our own. It also gave me confirmation (after a yesterday of fear and worry), that homeschooling is the best thing for our family right now. Matthew 10:39 says that, "whoever loses his life for My sake, will find it." It does seem that there have been a lot of losses in our lives lately. Disappointments. Changes. Sacrifices. The decision to homeschool has been one of them. It has kind of been a way of me saying, "OK God, I am giving up my dreams for my life at this time. My free time. My plans. My goals. I'm following Your lead here because I know this is what You're asking me to do. Even though I am not completely sure I really want to." It's felt that there is a "loss of life" in many least a loss of the life we once knew. That I once knew. I know it won't always be this way or feel this way. But right now, it does. I'm praying that this act of obedience will be rewarded. I pray that we will find new life in these changes to our family. I pray that we will bear and see tangible fruit through our obedience, through our choices. I'm expecting this from Him. And thanking Him in advance for the work that is to be done, and for the harvest that will be gathered.

While some in our house are colored "blue" today,
my mood is colored in gratefulness.
How's yours?


  1. Sweetie, fruit happened this morning when you were able to usher your boy immediately into a dark bed to rest--if he was at school under the fluorescent lights waiting for you to pick him up after he lost his could have turned out differently. The benefit (fruit) of you being home is already coming to light. <3 Love you GG. Praying for you.

  2. Amanda, you truly have a gift of putting things into words. I checked back in with your blog today and was sorry to hear that Brayden had been back in the hospital again. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. I am sure you will do wonderful with the homeschooling, and if you are able to get back in the gym we would love to see you... And the kids! Stay strong. Corie Shea

  3. Was praying hard all morning while at work and so pleasantly surprised to see how prayers were answered. I agree with Teri, you have already seen good come out of your decision to keep Bray home. You were able to help him cope this time around and prevent another cycle to start. Good work mommy. Praying for strength and comfort as you are embarking on all of these changes.