Monday, April 30, 2012

school of schrieber

let me introduce you to our new classroom,
also known as
"the school of schrieber"
a place for loving, learning, and growing.
 this new homeschooling journey has been going really well.
i see the ways God aligned everything in our lives "just right" to make this a possibility.
instead of feeling like we've walked through a nightmare,
i'm thanking Him for allowing us to walk this (at times, dark) road because it's already proven to be one that leads to blessing. i don't feel as if i'm drowning in heavy storm anymore, but rather lifted up upon rock.  and the view is beginning to make sense to me.
 little did we know that one of His blessings was having brayden asked to be in the Mott Children's Hospital TV commercial.  it seemed like such a random thing to happen at the time, but it wasn't.  the money earned from that commercial allowed us to purchase our homeschooling furnishings.
(yay ikea!)
 the decorator and homemaker in me has enjoyed creating a learning environment that is fun, inviting, and functional.  this house was built in 1927, but 7 years ago it was remodeled and an addition was put on (including this large bonus room above the 3 car garage...
making this an ideal space for a classroom).
 a place where we are learning and growing... 
things of Him...
 and things of His world around us.
found these prints on etsy.  they've been in my "favorites" for months now, 
thanks to e for sharing and introducing us to this seller a while back.
 (etsy artist: katie daisy)
we're  beginning to get organized and find our "groove"
 found this cute glass jar and doily at the village antique shop for $6.00.
i can always find a use for a mason jar.
why not crayola markers?
 and late last week the bulk of our curriculum arrived
(minus math)
today was our first day officially diving into it all.
the kids each did spelling, writing, reading, grammar, and history.
 we also added our own selection to our daily curriculum.
i had been eyeing this "jesus calling" kids devotional for a while.
as soon as i realized i'd be homeschooling, i bought it. 
we've been using it every morning to start off our school day.
 that...and as i mentioned before,
a little prayer...

 and  a lot of praise...
each day i awake, 
i'm finding more and more reasons to praise Him.
beginning with these three little ones i've been entrusted with while here on earth.
and each day,
i'm finding my investment into them,
 into their growth and learning,
and the cultivating of their hearts,
to be one that fills me with much purpose.
it is well.


  1. you are pretty stinkin amazing.

    I wanna be you when I grow up. Just sayin.

    I love ya J

  2. What a cute learning space. I'm glad things are going so well, enjoy every moment! Is the commercial on youtube? Post it please!

  3. I have been meaning to ask how the trip to IKEA went and well WOW how awesome does school look. I even want to learn there. This displays your gifts so well. God seems to be working in your everyday and what a blessing with the money from the commercial! WOW