Friday, May 25, 2012

thank your teachers!

A couple of weeks ago I took Brayden and Brooke back to their old school to say goodbye to their teachers.  Both of their teachers have been wonderful, but I wasn't looking forward to this day because I knew it would be emotional.  (Although, the gap in time between them being pulled out of school and then going back to say goodbye did serve as a buffer).  Until then, I kinda felt like I was being pulled between the past and what was, and the present and what is...a bittersweet tension. 
I was ready to move forward.

The kids and I put together gifts for their teachers...
(stole this idea from pinterest)

 And since Brayden and Brooke never did get a chance to say goodbye to their classmates, (It was just one of those things we knew would be too emotional...too raw.  The adjustment was huge and we needed to plow forward.  I think any reminder of the past would have stalled the progress we were all trying to make in moving ahead and establishing a new normal.) We made little treat bags for their classmates and attached our address, email address, and phone # to each one so that everyone would have a chance to stay in touch with us.  Leaving things open-ended like this eased the kids hearts a bit too because they didn't have to feel like this was a final goodbye.
 I found a great blog eighteen25 that offered these free printables (the "you're so sharp" ones above and the ones on the teachers clipboards below.)
If you are looking for end of the year teacher gift ideas, and want these printables but don't want to go into the eighteen25 blog archive to find them, I would gladly email them to you.  
I bought these clipboards at Office Max, but I did recently see some at Debby's Dollar too.  I just used a spray adhesive to affix the printable to the clipboard. (and then I put the clipboard in a clear basket bag to protect it.)
(note* I did try to ModPodge over one of these and the ink ran and it rippled the paper.  Thankfully I had purchased 3 clipboards for just this reason. So be careful if you choose to do anything "extra" to it.)
(We made cards for the teachers too and tucked a giftcard inside each one.  The cards had their "first day" photos on the front and a personal hand written message on the inside.)

Here is Brayden with his teacher, Mrs. Cairns, 
on his first day of third grade.
And here he is saying goodbye.
This is Brookie and Ms. Querro 
on her first day of first grade.
And here is Brookie saying goodbye.
I appreciated their teachers taking the time after school to meet with us and to allow the kids some closure and to say goodbye.  We were there for quite a while and had a really nice visit with them.  I'm also very appreciative of all of the help and support they offered throughout this entire journey for our family.  They visited Brayden in the hospital, texted or emailed me nearly every day to see how he was doing and to offer encouragement, and have even extended their help to me if I shall need it in this next journey of homeschooling.
They truly deserve to be recognized and celebrated.
I have a new respect and appreciation for teaching;
I only have 3 to teach daily and that requires a lot of patience!
I can't imagine having a roomful of 26+ students.
So, as the school year draws to a close,
don't forget to acknowledge the teachers in the life of your child(ren) who make a difference and invest their time into your precious one(s).

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