Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sensationally "7"

My little girl has been counting down the days until it was her birthday for months.  Literally, months!  Well, this past Sunday, her day finally arrived,
and Brooke Ryan turned sensationally "7"
(I almost added sensationally "sassy" too...
but we'll play nice today since we're in a celebratory mood!)

This year we did not have a big themed party.  I even sent out her birthday invitations via text message (and joked...well, half-joked, to my friends that hitting the "send" button on that text was going against every creative bone in my body!)  But, tis the season in life!
Every year Brookie begs to have her birthday party somewhere else besides home, and this year, her wish came true.  The day before her actual birthday, we had a party for her at Olympia Gymnastics.
It was kinda nice not having to clean my house that day.
Actually, I really didn't do much of anything besides bake a few cupcakes and put together a few treat/favor boxes.
In fact, my sister was in town over the weekend and frosted the cupcakes for me.  
My mother-in-law made and brought snacks and goodies for the party too.
This party was a cinch.

A couple of girls weren't able to make it, and one even went home early with a tummy ache,
but it didn't stop any of these girls from having a good time.

On Sunday morning, the birthday girl awoke with eager anticipation to rip into her birthday gifts from her family.  
We managed to fit that in, and a little "pogo" sticking, all before church.
and finished the day with more family time, laughter, 
tickles, cupcakes, and smiles...

and reminders that our little girl is growing up right before our eyes.
Sensationally "7"
full of life,
a lover of it.
full of joy,
in exuberance.
fiercely independent,
yet unabashedly "daddy's girl",
(and Mama's fellow "Godgirl"...thank you Jamie Grace for this mother-daughter bonding song you've bestowed to "us.")
and gifted she is
with a laugh contagious,
a generous gift giver and lover of people.
fun spirited,
creatively bent,
lover of fake nails,
and the outdoors,
and Barbie dolls,
and jump roping.
she waltzes through this world
barefoot and fancy free
and dances on our hearts
with a beat of beauty
that is one of a kind.
Just as she is.
Beautifully and wonderfully made.
for the next 362 more days,
she shall remain
sensationally "7."


  1. So bummed I missed the party! Looks like she had a great time!

  2. LOVE that girl! Looks like a blast!