Monday, June 4, 2012

bust a move

It's dance recital week.  
Dress rehearsal in full hair, makeup and costume tomorrow.
Recitals Thursday and Saturday.
While this was supposed to be a week of "bustin a move" on stage,
someone "busted a move" with the driveway while riding her brother's bike yesterday.
 My poor girl.
(if you click on any of the pictures, it'll enlarge and you can see the damage. which doesn't look that bad from afar, but will probably look worse in the days to come, minus the swelling).
She's been in a lot of pain and discomfort, but she is such a trooper.
We are so thankful that things didn't turn out much worse...
when Darcy and I were assessing the situation initially,
we thought she may have knocked some teeth out or loose.
This accident didn't call for any hospital visits
(Thank God!)
 Brooke's been very sensitive about the way her face looks...
She started crying when she realized she had her dance dress rehearsal tomorrow and there would still be marks on her face and most likely a fat lip to match.  I reassured her she is beautiful regardless and nobody would even be able to see anything while she is up there on stage.  
She didn't want to go to the grocery store today either, for fear people would "see her face."  She's eased up a bit since.
 Even let me take a picture of her after I told her I just wanted a couple photos of her working on her history art project.  She agreed, but begged me not to text them to anyone. 
(blogging really isn't considered texting, right? so I'm safe?).
The History curriculum the kids are studying is "The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child." I really like it and like the idea of learning history chronologically from the beginning of time.
The first volume we are on is Ancient Times, where we learn about the earliest nomads to the last Roman emperor.  So far, we've talked about Nomads, Egyptians, Sumerian Dictators and most recently the Jewish people, (including of the 12 sons of Jacob.  The favored son who was given the "coat of many colors.")  Today the kids cut strips of felt and made their own coats.  
We talked about favoritism, envy, jealousy, boasting and bragging...
and how God used a bad thing and turned it into a very good thing
because Joseph loved God and allowed himself to be used by Him, even in his lowly circumstances.
(even as i type now i am finding parallels of this within my own heart. spiritual truths sparking fire and shining light on my life and most recent struggles. good to know that despite...yes despite, we can still be used by Him).
It's neat to see how biblical stories tie into the history of the world and to view the two in the same light.
We are paving our way through history, driveways, and stages these days.
On table we have the "coat of many colors."
On stage we may have the "face of many colors."
All in all,
we are trying to keep our spirits colored bright as we continue to "bust a move" through this busy week.


  1. Oh my sweet Brookieee. Tell her she is going to look great,that she is such a beauty. And it just shows how tough she really is. Bad bike, bad bike, hopefully she wasn't on her favorite hill???

  2. Those are battle wounds, Miss be quite proud of! You ride bravely & sometimes the brave get a little beaten up. But you wear them beautifully (although by now I'm sure they are healed & gone).

    I was just talking to God and Aron about Joseph this much to learn from that life of his. And that history curriculum is really making me want to homeschool again. I'm not sure its the season for us yet (though I'd love it to be), but I'm going to be praying about it.