Monday, June 18, 2012

father's day 2012

inspired by pinterest, for father's day this year i took the kids out for a little photo shoot.  since we moved to romeo, i have been eyeing the back of one of the buildings downtown because it looked like it would make a great backdrop.  on a whim one afternoon after lunch, we grabbed a pair of daddy's boots and set off on our mission.  i wasn't sure where we were going to go, thought even perhaps an old dirt road or a field would do, but then i remembered this little spot.

we used these four photos to come up with a framed collage for daddy.
i was pleased with how they turned out.
had i known they would've turned out so cute, i would have had a professional (like Becky Jo) come take them for me!  but, it was such an unplanned spur of the moment outing, that i didn't have time to arrange anything like that. perhaps in the near future we'll go back...even get a family photo.

 this father's day i did a lot of reflecting...
i'm so appreciative of the man my kids call dad.
this has not been an easy few years for us,
yet he gets up each day, puts his best foot forward and perseveres on.
for us.
i'm even more thankful for the way he guards our hearts,
and remains the comfort and anchor of our home.
we are blessed to call him "ours."


  1. You don't need a professional - you did an AMAZING job all by yourself! I love that idea!

  2. Beautiful Family!