Wednesday, June 27, 2012

weeds no more

After dinner tonight I went outside to take a phone call.  I decided to water my thirsty forgotten flower pots, and as I was filling up my watering can I looked around at my flowerbeds and was shocked by the mass amount of weeds that had sprung up and declared residence in this space.  They were overtaking my flowers, overshadowing their vibrant color, and blurring the lines of intended beauty.  I thought to myself, "What happened? How did it get like this?"

I began to start picking a few weeds and gathered them in one hand, quickly realizing that my small hand could not do the job alone, a pile must be formed. One of intentional discard.  So, I threw the weeds aside and began going after more.  The more I pulled, the more I noticed.  Weeds.  Everywhere. Spread out in all direction.  There were so many that at first I had a hard time discerning which ones were weeds and which ones were actually flowers.  Oh neglect.

Over pulling and plucking, I began to ponder many spiritual truths.  They were popping up in mind and heart as easily and as visible as that first weed.  Just recently life threw us a big curveball.  Perhaps we should've seen it coming, but see, sometimes life happens a lot like our gardens.  They are both in need of regular tending.  They flourish and grow with care, discipline, and intention.  But when left untended, weeds spring up.  And when not dealt with promptly, they take over...grow, blend, and blur the lines between weed and flower...sin and righteousness.  Left to their own...out of control...a slow chaotic fade.  And before we know it, the weeds almost take a place in our lives as if they were meant to be there.  It seems rather natural for them to play a part.  There is a desensitization to their presence, and they don't stand out as much because there's so many of them.  The sheer quantity, grown over time, softens their displacement lending them to a position of false acceptance.

 Tonight, as I continued to pull weeds in my flowerbeds, I began to find things amongst the flowers that clearly did not belong there...wrappers, an empty water bottle, dead dried leaves, pieces of gutter.  All hidden from  the naked eye at first glance.  Sin does that too...puts blinders on us that cloud our vision, disallowing us to see the weeds
(or the roots beneath them).
While sometimes it begins not as sin, but rather as something innocent and harmless, or as a means to cope or enjoy life.  But if it begins to cloud our perspective and draw us away from the beauty of righteousness, then it's a weed that needs to be pulled.  Because those weeds will try to take up residence in our lives, as if they were no big thing.  They'll overshadow righteousness.  Deception will spring up and convince us that this is just the norm.  We'll blend into this world and lose our example of being a flower among a bed of weeds.  Thoughts may easily be twisted and justified.  The shadow of the overbearing weed will block the true Light from the flower, and will lead to a life of stunted growth or withering destruction.  And before we know it, our lives take on a new shape and color we hadn't planned for.
Nobody is beyond this.

Tonight we started taking back the garden of our life.  Eyes open for the weeds that will inevitably rear their ugly heads and threaten to crowd out the God intended beauty He longs to bestow.  We are pursuing righteousness. Wholeheartedly. And the Good Gardener, regardless of our choices, always sends rays of Son and dews of mercy.  The difference now is that our gardens are being stripped bare of all that kept those things from flourish and bloom.  There is a pride, respect and deep love felt for the man who gardens beside me.  Also stripped and bare, there is a beauty there that is undeniable...given by a God who loves and cares for us far more than we could ever deserve.
Together, we are tending.


  1. Your mind is a beautiful thing! I love you SM! I really, really do!

    1. I love you too inspire me in many ways.