Monday, July 16, 2012

of dirt and grace...

I came across these first two pictures the other day and couldn't help but smile at this dirty toddler's face and marvel at how the years have gone by since.
I showed these pictures to Darcy and he immediately thought it was Berlyn.  We asked Berlyn who it was too, and she said, "Me!"  It's Brookie.  A newly turned 2 year old on her first camping that would become an annual trip with close friends.
 We've camped with the same group and have added on new families each year for the past 5 years.  In the picture below, we have Brookie with her friends Rachel and Marissa.  I can hardly believe how little they are here.  It was a very hot and dirty camping trip.  Back when we were all brave enough to pitch tents full of sweaty, dirty, exhausted little kids each night.  Fun times.
 This year we decided not to camp with the was the timing of many things.  And now with Brayden's CVS, I think I'd be rather worrisome for his health had we gone.  It would not be easy to make an 8 year old boy rest while out in the wilderness, in the fun and energy-zapping fresh air and hot sun, with 25+ other kids all around him.  I feel we need to gain a little ground with his health before embarking on this sort of adventure.  Over time, we've come to determine that Brayden's number one trigger is when he's overdone it in the "fun/active/outdoors/with little sleep or rest" department.  We look forward to joining the gang again next year, and have a couple of fun things planned in lieu of this annual trip.

Older, wiser mothers are always commenting on how fast children grow and to enjoy them while they are young.  I try to take this advice to heart.  While it's not always easy to embrace the dirt and the mess, and the years fly by too quickly blurring the lines between dirt and grace, dependence and independence, I try.

For too soon, they won't need mommy washing their faces or reminding them to pick up their Barbies and Legos.  And until then, my main ministry remains in this very home, under this very roof, training them up in things of the Lord.  Where dirty floors and piles of laundry shouldn't overshadow the beauty of this season.  Where the cleaning of heart and the growing of grace shall be the first thing on my daily "to do" list.  Starting with who also desires to keep climbing from a place of dirt to one of grace.  Following hard after a God who promises to help me do just this.

"Being confident of this...that He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6


  1. I'm sorry you don't get to go this year ... but how Beautiful is your Brookie girl! LOVE her!

  2. beautiful spoken. i love the ideas woven together. and how lovely your brookie! just like her momma!