Friday, August 31, 2012

Mott TV Commercial Debut (and being "half famous")

Well, it's been a long time coming, but the TV commercial Brayden was asked to be in for Mott Children's Hospital back in April is finally ready. It will be aired tomorrow, Saturday night, during the Michigan vs. Alabama football game! He is the third child shown in the commercial and he is in the MRI room.  The commercial is short, and his appearance is brief, but you can't miss that it's our Brayden.

Three weeks in the hospital can cause a lot of "fuss" over a little guy.  In all seriousness, Brayden truly believes he is "half famous." Letting him enjoy his moment in the spotlight (definitely not 15 minutes of fame, but he does have a second or two with his name on it).  Enjoy!

On a sidenote:
Earlier this week my sister came across this photo (above) on her phone and texted it to me.  I remember this picture being taken in the hospital this past March/April, and asking my sister NOT to put it on fb because Brayden looked so sick and too skinny.  I wanted to protect my fragile guy.  He was probably about 48 pounds in this photo.  It makes my heart sink and I feel a little sick to my stomach now to even look at it...but then even more grateful for all the ways God has healed and provided since then.
Brayden weighs 67 pounds today.  That's almost a 20 pound weight gain!  
He's happy and healthy and (despite all of his new dietary restrictions) eats like a horse!
Lord help me when he becomes a teenager!

Much to be thankful for today.
Our little victor.
Our big God.

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