Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ocean City (in word and picture form)

Our family recently drove 14 hours to vacation with extended family in Ocean City, NJ.  
We hadn't been on a family vacation in almost 3 and a half years, so we were all very excited for this break away from work and home.  We rented a house off of the beach and spent 8 nights soaking in the sun and each other.  I know I posted many of these photos on facebook...but I also know there are followers of my blog who aren't on facebook. Here's your chance to see in illustrative form, a collection of snapshots from our trip.

Prior to our trip, I prepared my heart to float on these soon-to-be-made memories, 
to hover over them and enjoy them while they lasted.

In word form, the pen of my heart writes this:

We waltzed with wave and danced with the sun until she could no longer hold her eyes open.  She passed us over to the night skies, where moonlight cut in and we carouseled in her arms, consuming too much frozen custard, salt water taffy, hot caramel corn and fudge made right out in our open.  Breathing in too much salty ocean air and wrapping too many warm breezes against our chilled, sunkissed skin.  We rode too many rides and watched butterflies flutter in the tummies of our little ones as they squealed in delight to the thrill.  I froze moments of time, stretching and consuming them for as long as I could.  Polaroids for my heart only.  We took in too much sun (and too much moon), tasted too much salty wave upon our lips and too much hot sand between our golden toes.  Our polish chipped, our heals cracked. But oh, all for good.  We walked too much, (the beach and the boardwalk knew our name), pushed strollers and pulled wagons too long.  Till our backs were aching and our feet were sore and children collapsed in giddy exhaustion.  We built too many castles, collected too many shells, and boogy boarded till we had no boogy left.  We jumped too many waves and conversed about our Creator who poured out the waters of the sea and gathered them in one place.  How He divided them from the heavens and hovered over the face of the deep.  How He filled them with swarms of living creatures.  Like the dolphins diving in unison before us.  He created waters just as these, that bolster with wave and crash into us with force and reckless abandon.  I hold my baby girl and tell her these things above the ocean roar as we jump wave after wave.  Earnestly trying to impart truth into her giggle.  Hoping it'll soak into her heart more than the sun and wave were soaking into her tender skin.  Our God.  I tell her how with just one word He can calm these waves still.  And walk on them.  We talk more on this later as our middle child proudly reads to us Genesis Chapter one from the Bible she excitedly found in the nightstand at our hotel on the way home.  She wants to keep this Bible.  I tell her no, we'll get her a new one when we get home.  A "big girl" one.  And we do.  The Creation Story told in 7 year old voice, with many breaks and pauses, but beautifully told from His point of view.  And it still fills me with wonder.  There were too many moments of play sprinkled with sacred moments of quiet and good.  I hold onto these.  Let my mind hit pause.  We fell hard into our pillows at night just to hit repeat each day.  We ended the last night of our trip as a family of five atop the ferris wheel overlooking the ocean,  together eating funnel cake from the great heights above.  
A finale I couldn't have conducted better.

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  1. Sigh...beautiful words and photos!