Saturday, December 15, 2012

freckles and all, she melts me...
Brookie made this picture a few nights ago.  Last night she had trouble falling asleep because of the (limited) news she overheard about yesterday's tragedy in Connecticut.  She kept "acccidentally" interjecting her old elementary school's name into the equation.  Even 7 year  old's have the ability to relate to this senseless incident.  We stayed up together and talked, prayed, and read a little Laura Ingalls Wilder until her heart was settled.  

This mama's heart was up all night.  Each time I awoke thinking about and praying for those families who no longer have the luxury of knowing their child is in the next room over sleeping soundly.  My heart utterly breaks for them.

Family time? 
Yes. A most appropriate time for "tears of joy."
Life is too short to be wasted.
And too precious to be considered anything less than the gift that it is.

Counting my blessings.
LORD, we need you now.

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