Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Great I Am

This song has been like an electric current to my week.  To my heart.  Charging my spirit with belief and joy magnitude, raising even the very hairs on my arms into heavenward praise, a posture of Hallelujah. The repeat button, a strength surge, flowing fervent, urgent, bold, passionate reverence for God Almighty, the King of Majesty.  Somewhere along my days, that "belief" button was flipped, and the flow and power of His Spirit within me reached uncontainable.  A torrent of tear-worthy supernatural faith infused.  Blinding, holy, consuming fire. Breathed in and saturated.

The mountains shake before You 
The demons run and flee 
At the mention of Your name 
King of Majesty 
There is no power in hell 
Or any who can stand 
Before the power and the presence 
of the Great I am, the Great I am, the Great I am 
the Great I am, the Great I am, the Great I am 

I'm claiming this, O Mighty Mountain Mover.

Hallelujah, holy, holy.  Who is worthy?  None beside Thee.  
The Great I Am.

Mad. In. Love. Today.
Join me.

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