Monday, January 14, 2013

It's possible that...

It's possible that...

there's reckoning in the wrecking.
that He uses calamity to place the calm in me.
and that He ruins us to make new of us.

that in the fall, we catch His grace.
and in our wandering we find ourselves wrapped in His Wonder-ing.

It's possible that...

He uses circumstantial devastation to spare us from
spiritual devastation.
and when everything around you seems shattered and broken,
you find you are Wholly Held.
piece by Peace.

It's possible that...

when there's nothing left of yourself,
You realize there's more than enough of Him.
and being Conformed is more important than being comforted.

that in your helplessness you find the Source of your Hopefulness.

It's possible that...

in your "patiently waiting for Him," He's actually been
"patiently waiting for you."
that somewhere along a well-intended line you can blur and tangle your will into His.
and in the white-knuckling of your own dreams, you've stalled His intended dream.

that in your awful you find His Awe-full.

It's possible that...

it's only in your bad that you realize His very Good.
that in your affliction you discover His Affection.

and that giving in is much different than giving up.
that in full surrender you find
there is much to gain.

It's possible that...

in the "letting go" you are able to grasp what had been lost in the "holding on."
that in your darkness He best sheds His Light.
and that in your lacking you find the luxury of His Love.
and it lavishes.

It's possible that...

the noise of your heart can silence the sound of the song He is singing over you.
and in the quest for your Promised Land you learn instead how to occupy His Promises.

that putting "expectant" in your faith is better than putting "expectations" on your God.
and that to find yourself
is to be lost in Him.

It's possible that...

taking captive every thought to Christ binds you to walk in victory.
where Truth trumps and triumphs.

it's in your emptiness that you find His Fullness.

and that the end of yourself
may really just be
the beginning.

It's possible.


  1. This is beautiful, Amanda! I'm sharing it with others. I love how you said, "He uses circumstantial devastation to spare us from spiritual devastation. and when everything around you seems shattered and broken,you find you are Wholly Held. piece by Peace."

    It was great talking to you today! I still can't figure out why I didn't receive your message. I just tried to leave myself a message and I didn't receive it either. So I deleted the contact form and listed my email address(

    If you want to connect, my fb is:
    Send me a friend request and I'll send you those group links. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    God's blessings to you and your family:)

  2. Yes it is possible that a series of promises with love and wisedom in the Bible, that seem paradoxical at times, are the answer to our life questions. It is God who is all wisdom. Thanks for this essay. I enjoyed it.

  3. Amanda- it was really nice talking with you today too. Thank you for taking the time. I love hearing people's stories and their hearts. I'd love to hear more about yours.

    Again, I've been greatly encouraged by your blog. The Lord met me there through the words He gave you, and it has strengthened my resolve. Clearly, God has gifted you with writing and He will bless you for using this gift for Him! Keep it up!

    I'll post a link to your blog from mine. I'm sure others would be blessed and encouraged by you too!

    I'll find you on fb. Have a blessed weekend! Hope the rest of your household stays healthy!

  4. Rick-
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit my blog. It's true that so much seems backward in the kingdom of heaven. What's up is down and what's down is up! We have an un-boxable, unpredictable, unexpecting God. So thankful for Him and His mysterious ways. It keeps me searching after Him daily. He is our great adventure!

    Thanks for leaving your blog address. I look forward to reading what God has placed upon your heart.

  5. I get it now. There are 2 Amanda's! I follow Amanda Beth on Twitter.

    You spiritual walk in life in similar to my own. I will check back often

    In Chris's love


  6. *Christ's love! (I meant) :0)