Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the bold and the beautiful

i never feel more ugly than when i am caught up in myself.  and i never feel more beautiful than when i am caught up in Him.

too often i've found myself tangled up in the words and actions of others, rather than being attached to the Words and Works of Him.  binding myself to the opinions and approval of those around and loosening myself from who God says I am. my fickle heart.

in Him is where life and living truly exists.  while He never changes, He keeps changing me.  this work not yet complete.  i give in to it.

when left to my own, my flesh spreads wide and dominates like disease.  but when keeping in step with the Spirit, His fullness overpowers and spreads wide victory over the battlefields that try to conquer within. and without.  i raise my white flag.

LORD, be bigger in my life than my greatest fears, failures, insecurities, difficulties, hurts and circumstances.  Be bold and beautiful in my heart, with grace-wave lapping over the rough and hard edges. until the smoothness of Your love polishes me up. pure and clean.

Wonder-work within and all around me.  i see glimpses daily.  a fresh display of holyworks that lights up the sky of my heart and leaves me breathless and shouting awe indescribable.  in color and strength i had never seen before, but only conjured up in dreams.  You are the dream giver.  making reality of them in our souls.  where none compares.

it's all too exhilarating to know that with each day that i live and draw breath, there will always be more of You to consume and discover.  breathe into me and make me come alive minute by minute, day by day, year by year, word by word, chapter by chapter until my already written life story is completely published and revealed.  all for Your glory. in every area i try to take over as author, edit over my error, blindness, and selfish, stubborn will.

You are the fount of living waters that never runs dry...but courses through like a river's current spilling in and out of us, refreshing all, and nourishing life of passion and purpose.  and oh is there life to be lived.  and fullness of it.  regardless of circumstance or journey, abundance waits to break loose around every cliff and corner.

desperation for You is my heart's desire.  show me more of Your glory.  lately, i find myself gasping and inhaling You in with a ravenous appetite, and You deliver.   You cook up a fine meal.  feeding and exhaling what's most fulfilling.  i feast on You and Your 5 star Word like a delicacy to be savored. chewing fast and meticulously every morsel of this God-breathed scripture and swallowing it down hard with the waters of Your truth.  with no reservation. and no shame in my gluttony.  anxious to digest and be satiated.  fatten me with more of You.  i want each and every holy and perfect crumb.

my bold and beautiful God, shape me into Your image, so that I may reflect You to a world that needs You as desperately as I.  never am I more confident and comfortable in my own skin than when my identity takes on Yours.

"My zeal for God and His work burns hot within me."
Psalm 69:9

"Your message burns in my heart and bones, and I cannot keep silent."
Jeremiah 20:9

"Those who look to Him are radiant; 
their faces are never covered with shame."
Psalm 34:5

today while eating lunch, i looked down at the table runner my mom had made for me a couple of years ago out of vintage valentine fabric.  one of the valentine's printed on the fabric read:

just take a teeny weeny bite of me, to help your appetite
then chew and chew and chew and chew
you’ll see how close I stick to you

isn't this just the way God works too?  each bite of Him and His word that we sink our teeth into, chew, and digest, becomes a part of us...sticking to us.  His bold and His beautiful.


  1. loved these words and ideas and truths, j. i know the and hunger and filling and the awe you describe. you put words to it in ways I have struggled to. blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness....for they WILL be filled. love you girl. its only february, and already...the wonders you have beheld!

  2. e- how could i not think of that verse?! so appropriate...and pure, lived-out, golden truth it is. thanks for sharing!

  3. this is simply beautiful. we need to reconnect my friend. our hearts are so similar. love you.