Wednesday, October 30, 2013

even in the small...

in a small town just north of us, there is a street that draws crowds by the hundreds this time of year.  nearly each house on this street goes "over-the-top" with their Halloween decorations and displays.  this past saturday evening we decided to bundle up and venture out as a family to check out the latest "tricks and treats" this stretch of pavement has to offer.

prior to going, i asked my husband if we could stop at our storage unit so that i could dig out a Halloween costume.  i've dressed up as the "Twister" game for the past five Halloweens and decided to change things up a bit.  last year my mom made an adorably beautiful peacock costume for my 8 year old daughter.  it was time to snag it for myself!

dusk was upon us and there was little sun left to light our way through our storage unit.  i wasn't expecting the wave of emotion that swept over me as we opened up that door.  but, there before me I found my whole life packed away into boxes.  temporarily stored and waiting.  a stack of boxes had started to collapse and one of the top ones had fallen over, spilling it's contents. my "thanksgiving" bin.  i was hardly feeling thankful.  i had to climb high to reach it.  as i began to collect and re-box it all, i just about lost it.  the air all around thick and stale.  breathe. my heart felt as heavy as all of those drooping boxes being sucked down deep into gravity.

i felt wearisome, and irritable, weepy, and a bit frustrated.  i found the skirt to the peacock costume right away.  but i was unable to find the matching hat.  it was dark.  i was in a funk.  i quickly and quietly returned to the car, not wanting to spoil the mood of the night.  i knew i had placed that peacock hat somewhere "safe" where it wouldn't get smooshed and damaged.  and here it was, less than a week away from Halloween, and i couldn't find it.  great.

over the next few days i scoured the house looking for that silly hat.  it was nowhere to be found.  i was beginning to think that for the 6th year in a row,  being "Twister" was not so bad.  on monday morning, i began untangling my heart through pen and page.  pouring out my latest concerns and heart struggles to the Lord in the wee morning hours before the rest of the house awoke.  toward the end of filling up my prayer journal with thoughts and requests, i prayed, "Lord, this may seem silly, but please help me find the hat to that peacock costume.  Halloween is this week and I have no idea where it is.  Lead me to it."  then off i was to making PB&Js and joining in on the mad morning rush.

i was meeting a friend that morning for breakfast, and after the kids were whisked away on the school bus, i went down in the basement to grab a card.  i grabbed a bin off of the shelving unit that houses all my craft supplies, and crouched down on the floor to open it up.  as i glanced to my side, i saw a box.  underneath that covered box was a clear bin filled with my girls' retired dance costumes.  and there i saw glorious feathers peeking up from under the lid.  my peacock hat!  He led me right to it, just as i had asked.

immediately, i lit up and a smile spread wide across my face and danced along my heart.  God had heard and answered my prayer.  and within an hour's time!  instantly i thanked Him.  and a great truth resonated from deep within.  if the God of all the earth cared enough to listen to my measly little prayer about a silly peacock hat, and could take care of that...surely He was concerned about the greater struggles of my heart.  and those, too, were safe with Him.

if you are quietly or outwardly struggling, take courage in the Lord.  He can handle all of your "stuff," and He is worthy of being sought after and trusted.  with all of the "big" matters in life, and even with the little ones.  if it matters to you, it matters to Him.  He takes notice of every detail of your life.  it doesn't escape Him or go unnoticed.

it may be a marriage crumbling, an unruly child, or a struggling career.  perhaps it's disappointment after disappointment because life looks different than how you had imagined it to be, and you're just plain tired of the "same-old, same-old," and have begun to lose hope.  maybe it's an illness, weakened faith, financial strain, a great loss, an emptiness you can't quite put your finger on, or a gaping wound of the heart.  it may be an unfulfilled dream, a lost loved one, a lost vision and life purpose.  or something as simple as a lost set of keys, or a silly missing peacock hat.  just call upon Him. in the big, and even in the small.  and watch Him show up.  He will.

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."
Jeremiah 33:3

Father God,
Thank you for being a God that can do what we cannot do.  Help us to admit our dependence and inabilities, and to call upon You in all times.  You are the answer to all of our needs, both great and small.  You give us access to hidden things...knowledge, heavenly treasure, and even silly lost peacock hats.  We are grateful that You respond to us when we call upon You.  Thank You for being worthy of our trust and praise.  Our hearts are safe with You.  Let us never grow faint in approaching You with our needs, or in praising You for Your wisdom and provision. You are so faithful!

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