Thursday, January 2, 2014

the filling...

So, here it is January 1st.  The start of a new year.  2014. And everyone knows that when we bring in the New Year, we often ride into it with resolution. What is yours?

I've been tossing up ideas and thoughts in regards to this for a few days now.  And a phrase keeps echoing through my heart about: "the filling."

What is it we fill our lives with?  What is it we are really after?  What is it we hunger and thirst for? What is lacking and lean and needs a good filling?

We live in a world with a voracious appetite.  Always hungry for more, more, more.  Yet, never satiated.  We are driven to chase after image, wealth, success, status, and possessions.  And yet, when we reach a certain level or a certain goal, we often find it's just not enough.  It doesn't taste as good as we had imagined.  There is room, desire, and appetite for more.

We gorge and binge on worldliness.  Seduced and allured by her cheap promise to bring joy and fulfillment.  Taking in another heaping spoonful of her deceitful "it's all about me" concoction.  Choking it down. Yet, despite our gluttony and need to vomit it back up, we find ourselves asking for another bite.  And another flavor. Till we are sick.  And ironically empty.

We all want fullness of life.  We want to be better.  To live better.  To love better.  Yet, we often find areas of our lives that are just plain anorexic.  Hungry for more.  Starving for fullness.  And we dip back into that tasty bag of worldliness and fill ourselves up on more empty calories.

This year, I want a deep and lasting filling.  One that won't leave me wasting away.  Or bloated.  And I know where the source of all these things can be found.  The Source that will help me be better, live better, and love better.  I want the richness and fullness of God in my life.

I want to be...

I want to calorically binge on Christ and His holiness.  And not just a taste on my lips.  I want the filling. I want to savor, chew up, swallow down, and digest Him and all the good things of Him.  Until He courses through my veins and makes my heart beat fresh and vibrant with blood red fullness of life.  I want Him to fatten me in all the lean anorexic places so that I am SO filled with Him, His fruit, and His Spirit, that my cup runneth over and lavishly and effortlessly spills out onto the lives of those around me.

I want that kind of filling.

So what are you after this year?

Webster's defines "resolution" as:
-an answer or solution to something
-the ability of a device to show an image clearly and with a lot of detail
-firmness of resolve
-the point in a literary work at which the chief dramatic complication is worked out

Our solution and our reward lies in Him.  And so does that deep and lasting filling we all crave.  He is our beginning point and our ending point.  He works all things out.  Give Him your dramatic complications and let Him show you that He is the answer.  And in a world that will deceive you into thinking that image is everything, find truth and filling in the Image of Christ alone.  Let Him be your mirror.  And aim to be a reflection of Him.  To show His image clearly and with a lot of detail to the world around you.

Synonyms for "resolution" include:

So, when looking at possible New Year's Resolutions, I couldn't help but ask myself:
"What am I chasing after?"
"What do I want my life to be filled with?"
"What do others say is the pursuit of my heart?"
"What areas of my life are lean and need to be fattened? And what areas of my life are fattened and  need to become lean?"
"What impact does my one small life make?" and...
"What legacy do I want to leave behind?"

 I allowed these questions to shape my goals. And they all pointed back to One thing: the filling.

A fullness of life created by the fullness of God within me.  It's my decision, call, determination and firm resolve to chase after just this.

2014:  May I be fat in Him.
A deep and lasting filling.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled."
Matthew 5:6


  1. Your question: So what are you after this year?

    I'm studying Proverbs intensely this year. In particular I am studying spiritual/character issues for godly leadership. (Do you have my 1st book on proverbs, a collection of essays/devotionals?).

    Good post. Hope your family has a great new year.

    1. I've heard/read the suggestion to read through Proverbs from two different sources in the past week! Maybe God is trying to tell me something. I do love this book. And no, I didn't realize you wrote a collection of devotionals on Proverbs. That's very admirable. What's the title of your work?

    2. Here is a little about it. Let me know if it looks interesting to you. I have some extras.

    3. Warren, I didn't realize you were a published author (I may have to pick your brain a bit on this in the near future). I loved the link you provided and learning more about your book. I think I would really enjoy reading through this and would like to know what to do to secure a copy. In one of the descriptions you mentioned the phrase "the early bird gets the worm"(...this is a post that's been brewing in my heart all week, so don't be surprised when one of my next blog posts is titled just this. :)

      May God continue to anoint your words as you write and speak for Him!

    4. and i love the visual of two hearts connecting over Ore Ida Tator Tots!

    5. Glad what you read resonated. You can email me (I'm on fb so you can send a message) an address to send a copy to. Preferably not a home address - your husband's business address or your church address would be good. I'll send it in his name.

  2. Oh GIrl ... nail on the head. Let us be filled with HIM and not of this world. My prayer for this year as well. I LOVE YOU!

    1. not that any of our other goals aren't worthy causes...but "the filling" propels us forward to succeed in all areas of life. it has that "overflow" effect. love you too RS!