Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh Midnight Moon

Oh midnight moon,  
Queen of the night,  
In sliver or fullness, 
You crack open darkness 
With glisten and gleam.  

Glinting in valor, 
You tenderly tuck in the work day, 
Claiming reign over 
Those small hours.  

Night after night, 
And waxing 
About this hushful slumberland sky.

Oh wandering moon,  
Before blackout gets its boots on, 
You bend from silent billow 
And lift shadows with 
The smallness of your silvery chin.  

Humbly bowed 
In slit and arch, 
The stars salute you.  

The vault of heaven 
Joins eagerly 
In this stargazing glory,
As you crawl up into place.

Oh old moon,  
You gloss the night in loyalty. 
Even with face as long as a fiddle,  
Twilight doesn't deter you. 

Exquisite in nightfall, 
Darkness no menace, 
You glow forth in confidence,
Kindling light in the blackest of corners.

You mirror your Creator,
Who hung you into place.
Resting in purpose eternal,
Where no murky cloud distracts.

Oh meek moon,
teach me the ways of your Maker.
That I may reflect light
Even when the guest of darkness 
Taps uninvitedly
And seduces to come in. 

You are hope in lightlessness.

The dark night of the soul
Can't stay forever locked in darkness,
For there is hope-light enough 
In the starless of spaces
Just waiting to uncoil.

Oh midnight moon.
I applaud your tenacious spirit.
You do not shy away from darkness,
But find a way to shine forth in it.

Hero of the night,
You know the arms 
that faithfully lift you,
The One whom you belong.

You drink in light
and pour it out from within.
By the power of the hands that formed you,
You were born to overcome.

I have much to learn from you,
Oh midnight moon.


  1. thank you T.J...every once in a while a little amateur poetry sneaks in here. More for creative outlet than anything else..but i appreciate your compliments.